Why The Hive

The purpose of Bumblebeez is to provide young ladies with resources and information to combat the many social and emotional issues girls face daily using practical life skills heavily supported and rooted in Biblical principles.

Bumblebeez provides young ladies with leadership; team-building skills while promoting self-esteem through a series of workshops over a ten-month period.

What People Say

“Bumblebeez did for my daughter something I could not do. The vision Jamila had and has for this mentoring group is unprecedented. I stand strongly and often on the fact that without this organization my daughter would not be where she is right now.” 

Gianina Craddock
Cycle 1 Bumblebee Mom

Being apart of the first cycle of Bumblebeez, you would think that I would find the information outdated. Now that I am officially a Queen Bee, I am a testimony to how the teachings and lessons I learned in my time as a Worker bee influences my decisions as a Spelmanite today… I know for a fact Bumblebeez helped develop my mindset to accomplishing those dreams. The Hive provides a space for black young girls to just be. And I am forever grateful for all that it has done for me.

Isis Evans
Cycle 1 Bumblebee

“These young ladies are destined for greatness with poise and class. Bumblebeez has allowed each young lady to be the best version of herself and to fix her sisters’ crown.”

Rochae Price
Cycle 4 Bumblebee Mom

Let’s fly into the Hive!