What’s the Buzz All About?

Bumblebeez is a non-profit mentoring program for African-American girls ages 10-13 years of age.  Its purpose is to provide young ladies with resources and information to combat the many social and emotional issues girls face daily using practical life skills heavily supported and rooted in Biblical principles.

Bumblebeez exists to cultivate generations of young girls and women to be of service to God, family, and community.  We provide young ladies with leadership and team-building skills and promote self-esteem through a series of workshops over a 10 month period.  These workshops are designed to prevent many of the social and emotional issues young pre-teen girls face such as bullying, eating disorders, teen pregnancy and drug and alcohol abuse to name a few. 

Bumblebeez intends to inspire generations of girls and young women to develop and maintain a stronger relationship with God through Jesus, a better understanding of themselves and a greater appreciation for their community and each other.